Six Tips to Promote and Market Your Business. [Explained]

6 Tips to Promote and Market Your Business. [Explained]


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Last Updated on April 30, 2022 by Ibe Princewill

As a business owner, nobody has to tell you that something like “build it and they will come” is an absolute lie and that your business or website doesn’t actually just sell itself.

So when it comes to marketing and promotion, consistency and high-quality content are absolutely key. Today I’ll show you some 6 Tips to Promote and Market Your Business.

Let us start with something that might be a little bit controversial and that is:

Give Away Your Knowledge For Free.

For free? Yes, for FREE. Now, you might say do you know what you’re talking about? Here is a fact, when it comes to your products or services, showing proof or giving some of your products out to your loyal fans and customers to test it plays an important role and the Promotion, Marketing and Branding of your business.

Giving your product or service out to a loyal customer in return for a positive review is truly a great way to promote your business. In this age of ease and accessible information, we all have to be willing to give a little bit more to win over new customers and build their trust.

Start a Blog

A great way to reach new eyeballs is to start creating blog posts on some specific niche that is related to your product or service. It certainly couldn’t hurt to reach out, and you might be surprised how exciting or educative your content can be after you start blogging.

If you produce high-quality content, it’s really a win-win for both of you.

Through referral on your blog post, visitors can get to know more about your business and services and in turn, get a chance to patronize you or try out your product.

I’m a huge fan of blogs and when visitors are getting a ton of education for no cost they will have to visit your website or business again and later convert to customers.

Tell People about Your Business

While a larger audience can be gained online, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore local in-person efforts.

Growing your presence in your community can lead to pretty astronomical wins.

Whether it be with potential customers or other professionals in your industry, meeting face-to-face can help you form invaluable connections.

Become the first business that locals recommend by joining a professional network.

Look for your local business network and stay active in it. Participate in group meetings physically and gain exposure.

Build A Social Presence Online

Building a Website is good and when you’ve been taking great measures to turn your website into a high-performing sales funnel.

But, how about when it comes to your social media presence? Maybe it’s not your posts that are drying out the conversation but what users find when they land on your social media page or account.

Let’s take Facebook for example.

Are your profile and cover photo consistent with your brand design?

A Facebook business page has a ton of features available to help users better understand your business and encourage conversation. Take advantage of them.

Also, posting randomly might work for your personal accounts, but it can result in an unprofessional impression when it comes to your business.

Using an editorial calendar (Drop a comment below to get one for FREE) will keep posts organized and promote a more consistent brand message.

And with the ever-changing algorithms, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to rank without strategic content and paid ads.

Advertising on social media’s a good way to get to know your target audience.

And as you better define their demographics, which you can do, then you can more accurately focus your marketing Naira or Dollars on who’s more likely to convert, which makes a lotta sense, eh.

So before you start dumping your marketing budget into social ads, though, it’s important to keep your expectations in check. You’re probably going to lose money in the beginning when building, and that’s okay.

Advertising on social media will help you become better acquainted with your target market, and if you want to learn more about paid advertising, which who doesn’t then check out our Social Media Advert Package.

Ask Customers for Review

Whether it’s a pack of light bulbs online or a product on your e-commerce website, Consumers really want to see reviews before they buy (nobody wants to be the first to test the water).

So reach out to your existing customer base and ask them to leave a review on one or more of the following sites.

I mean, your website, for example, is a great place, Facebook, Google, Clutch, Yelp, and more.

Customer testimonials from happy people build trust which is an all-important social proof for your business.

They carry more weight than you telling people how great your services are, so put in the time to acquire and publish them.

Now, if you’re going around saying, “I’m an expert, I’m an expert, I’m an expert,” people may not believe you.

But if your customers go, “Oh yeah, that business person is an expert,” then you’ll get that social proof which will, in turn, bring more customers. The same goes for your business.

Create Better Content.

Now, let’s talk about being better, no not you being better, but your content, but what if your mom is the only one commenting on your blog?

Well, that’s okay, I guess. I mean, you don’t have to have thousands of comments for content creation to be worth it.

But great content, like blog posts, give you something valuable to share on social media, and if all you do is share links to other websites, I got to be honest with you, you’re missing a big opportunity.

Original content is also your business’ ticket to a higher rank in the almighty search engine results pages. And yes, the internet is full of a lot of the same stuff being repeated and regurgitated, but that’s not a reason to throw in the towel.

Your competitors haven’t, right? So dig deeper for unique material and include some of your personal takes. Nothing, I mean, nothing is better than genuine authenticity.

It speaks to the first point we talked about, knowing what you’re talking about. Readers can tell the difference between a generic post and a well-thought-out conversation.

Because that’s what your content should be a conversation between you and your audience. Otherwise, you’re just shouting into the void. Treat it like playing Ping-Pong, not darts.

Do you get it? So don’t be afraid, though, to switch up your strategy and try new things to promote your business.


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