5 Facts About Why You Need A Corporate Email For Your Business That Will Make You Think Twice

5 Facts About Why You Need A Corporate Email For Your Business That Will Make You Think Twice.


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How You Position Your Business In The Market Place Is Very Important As It Will Determine Whether People Will Do Business With You Or Not.

Your email address is part of your branding – and it shows to a large extent how professional your business is.

Even if you don’t have a website, you can as well have a corporate email address that will help position your business properly in the marketplace.

This will help your business stand out from other competitors.

Here are 5 Facts About Why You Need A Corporate Email For Your Business That Will Make You Think Twice.

Having A Corporate Email Address Will Help Build Your Business Credibility.

Your email address is likely what many of your clients and customers think of first when they want to contact your business.

This makes it a core part of your brand. It can also be an easy way to build credibility with customers.

If you’re doing any kind of email marketing, a corporate email will go even further to build trust with your audience, which is crucial for turning prospects into customers.

Corporate Email Is a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool.

In 2020 the number of global email users amount to 4 Billion and in 2022 research revealed that we will have approximate 4.258 Billion users, half of the world’s population will be using email.

Now imagine the increase that this will bring to your business. From your email signature to your business cards, a branded email address can make an impression and help solidify your brand wherever it appears.

Considering the Return On Investment (ROI) for email marketing, it makes business sense to pay close attention to what customers see in the From field.

You Can Standardize Company Emails

Having a corporate email helps you to standardize the way all emails within your business look.

As your brand grows, you won’t have to worry about employees using off-brand or unprofessional email addresses for business communications.

Custom Emails Can Help Maintain Security

When you avoid using a free email provider, you can more easily stay on top of email and data security.

Allowing employees to use free, personal email accounts presents a risk to your business as you can’t control aspects such as privacy, who they share business information with and other legal concerns.

Corporate Emails Can Help You Stay Out of Subscribers’ Spam Folders.

Email marketing can be a profitable strategy, but only if your emails aren’t ending up in subscribers’ spam folders.

Recipient email accounts are more likely to mark a message as spam if it comes from a free provider such as Yahoo or Gmail.

Branded emails from known platforms send a signal to inboxes that your messages are less of a risk, and it’s OK to accept them.

With this in mind, sending your business marketing emails with Gmail or Yahoo might be taking a toll on your conversion rate.

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