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Get our original latex waist trainer and avoid buying a fake latex waist trainer today! Our latex body shaper is simply the best. This body shaper is suitable for all body shapes, it is the perfect getfit waist trainer helping every woman achieve that desired figure. Love your curves! Start your journey with our original latex waist trainer, the most reliable waist cincher in Nigeria. Available at So Cheap

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This latex waist trainer has extra-firm compression to give you a better your curves. The materials it’s made of are much lighter than average, making it easier to wear without losing any of its sculpting power. It’s made of authentic fabrics, the latex on the outside is fused to the inner soft fabric layer for comfort and style. This waist cincher carves out your waist, flattens your tummy and shapes your back for a total transformation. Wear it to see for yourself what an extra-firm and awesome waist cincher can do for you!


Do waist trainers work?
Short answer: Yes! The more often you wear it, the more of an effect it will have. Start off by wearing your waist cincher for an hour a day, then gradually increase the amount of time you wear it per day. The longer you’re able to wear your waist trainer, the more of an effect it will have. Your waist trainer will redistribute your weight over time, giving you an hourglass figure.

How do waist trainers work?
Waist trainers work by cinching your waist, creating an hourglass look. Our latex waist cinchers have a thermogenic effect, creating more heat to promote sweating. Not only does sweating detoxify the body, it can also help with weight loss. Wearing your waist trainer can help improve your results, especially if you stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Are waist trainers safe?
Yes, but listen to your body. Start off slowly – wear your waist cincher for up to one hour on the first day, then gradually increase the amount of time over the next few days. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to wear your waist trainer for up to 8 hours at a time. If you feel unbearable discomfort, take off the waist trainer and try it again the next day!

Can you sleep in a waist trainer?
If you’ve been waist training for awhile and your body is used to it, you should be able to safely sleep in your waist trainer. Just remember to take it off after 8 hours! Also, be sure to cushion yourself with a pillow or roll for comfort and to maintain a good sleep position.

What is the best waist trainer?
Not to brag, but we believe our waist trainers are the best. If you’re looking for latex, our Latex Waist Trainer or Latex Waist Trainer Vest are the perfect waist cinchers for you. If you’re allergic to latex, or just prefer not to wear it, check out our 3-Belt Custom Waist Cincher for hypoallergenic, latex-free waist training.

How to lose belly fat with waist trainer?
Are you wondering how to lose belly fat with a waist trainer? Over time, your waist trainer may be able to redistribute your adipose tissue by compressing in targeted areas. This can flatten the tummy and define the waist for an hourglass shape. Try working out in your waist cincher to improve results!

Does waist trainer redistribute fat?
No, it helps burnout excessive fat and flatten or reduce your tummy with use over time.

Is it bad to sleep with a waist trainer on?
No, it’s not bad to sleep with a waist trainer on. In fact, it might be beneficial if you don’t want to wear the waist cincher during the day. Make sure your body is used to waist training before you try to sleep in your cincher. Cushion yourself with a pillow or roll for comfort and to maintain a good sleep position.

Can you workout in a waist trainer?
Of course you can work out in a waist trainer! Not only will the cincher generate heat to help you produce more sweat (especially if it’s made of latex), it will also help you maintain good posture while keeping your abs tight. Just don’t wear it while doing intense cardio, because the cincher might make it harder to breathe. Save the waist trainer for days when you’re weight training.


Waist Trainer

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