Buddha Bracelet


Strengthening black onyx beads in a subdued matte finish gets a touch of mystical energy. Black onyx is a gemstone of protection, helping the wearer face their fears and keep their feet on the ground when navigating change. A stone of truth and self-discovery. Each has a stainless steel magnetic clasp engraved with “Trust”, giving you a boost of inspiration to believe in your strength.This item may feature slight variations in gemstone color, bead details, and overall appearance. Such characteristics enhance the unique beauty of each piece.  Get yours today on So Cheap!

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  • Black onyx gemstone bracelet 
  • Beads are 8 mm each
  • Magnetic clasp etched with the word “Trust”
  • Available in two sizes for men and women
  • Women’s size: About 7.5″ in length
  • Men’s size: About 8.25″ in length.



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